How a furnace will work better by using FuelSave.

Graphical Representation of Non-Coated versus FuelSave-Coated Surface
  • As per Stephen Boltzmann’s Law we observe the following:
  • QNC - Heat from non-coated surface
  • QC - Heat from FuelSave coated surface
  • Єnc - Emissivity from non-coated surface
  • Єc - Emissivity from coated surface
  • - Boltzmann’s Constant
  • QNC - ЄNC [T4surface - T4Optimum ]
  • QC - ЄNC [T4surface - T4Optimum ]
  • ЄC - ЄNc
  • QC - QNc
  • Time taken to achieve optimum temperature is faster for coated furnace compared to non-coated.
  • The throughput is more for coated furnace compared to non-coated.
  • The heat radiated from surface of coated furnace, QC is more than non-coated, QNC.
  • Burners will burn lesser fuel for coated furnaces in case throughput is unaltered.