FuelSave is a unique High Emissivity Coating that greatly improves the emissivity of hot face of furnaces used in a variety of manufacturing processes.


Savings seems to be an attractive word but gets difficult while implementing. We have made the process simple and application concrete, in helping you actually SAVE. Now when we discuss SAVE ENERGY then it even seems lucrative conceptually & environmentally.

We have successfully implemented and declare that for certain industries like Steel Rolling Mills, Ceramic Industry, Brick Making, Oil & Gas etc. we will SAVE ENERGY for you. Savings to the level where figures will come on surface than just on documents. All these savings will surely benefit your industry substantially World over, environment is a serious concern.

Any reduction in fuel consumption helps reducing emission level and eventually maintains ecological balance. We are here with a Solvent Based Coating unlike any of the products or coatings available in domestic or international market. We are with an answer to How to Save Fuel Cost and How to Enhance Refractory Life.

Technical Information

Emissivity is the ratio of total heat emitted from a body per unit time per unit area at a particular temperature and wave length to that of a black body under the same conditions. All materials have an emissivity value and this value is reported from 0(lowest) to 1(highest).

Black body has emissivity value of 1. Black body is a hypothetical or imaginary concept and no material is found to be perfect black body but materials or surfaces which have emissivity values close to unity do exist and are known as grey bodies.

FUELSAVE coated product surfaces have very high emissivity values most surfaces have high emissivity values at ambient temperature but their emissivity decreases with increase in temperature. Only certain products which have grey body properties show stability and increase in emissivity values with increase in temperature. FUELSAVE coated surfaces display properties similar to grey bodies.

The FUELSAVE coated refractory surfaces do not allow dust and ash deposits to stick to the surface which preserve refractory of the surface reflective capacity. Moreover the coating will also protect the refractory from the corrosive effects of sulphur and other corrosive chemical content of various types of fuel. Hence FUELSAVE coated refractory's life will increase many folds.

Salient Features

  • FuelSave is a solvent based single phase (liquid) coating with no refractory or solid component.
  • FuelSave is applied on the hot face of the furnace.
  • FuelSave intent is to improve emissivity of the hot face.
  • The coating can withstand temperatures up-to 1500 C for very long periods.
  • The application is simple & involves no structural changes or any sort of major surface preparation.
  • FuelSave forms a protective, nonstick film on refractory surface.
  • FuelSave is already in use in more than 160 furnaces in steel & ceramic industries.
  • FuelSave is in use in 6 countries so far.
  • Clients include companies like Tata Steel, JSW Steel, Celsa Steel, Master Steel.
  • Novel technology, totally different than conventional ceramic based coatings
  • Return on Investment in very short time.
  • Long service life