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FuelSave can be used on all furnace which operate at temperature between 900°C to 1700°C in reheating furnace, roller & tunnel kilns etc.
FuelSave comes in dual pack system as Base & Hardener which is mixed together as per instructions on the container. It can be Sprayed or Brushed.
The surface on which FuelSave will be applied should be in stable condition, free from loose dust/ash particles. FuelSave can also be applied on old and corroded refractories in stable condition.

Blowers/Fan of the furnace are to be kept on for 16-24 hours to assist drying after application.
Advantages are: Reduction in Temperature Drop, Reduction in Rate of Feeding Fuel, Sustained Temperature Level, and Increase in rate of output. All these can be put on your parameters of records as BEFORE and AFTER application of FuelSave.
We recommend re-coating after 1 Year during routine maintenance shutdown.
The Coating thickness (4-Coats) of FuelSave will be around 20µm.
Although this may vary depending on the nature and conditions of refractory but approximately 3 coats of FuelSave may cover 1.5 Square meter/kg.